In partnership with the Consignors and Breeder's Association (CBA), we offer a 5% discount to CBA members on all static clings and stall cards. Payment must be made two weeks prior to the applicable sale start date

STALL CARDS Temporary & Permanent:

If you’re going to sell a horse, it needs a sign on its stall. Most consignors typically list the horse’s color, gender, birth date, and pedigree on their stall cards, as well as the logo of the consignment. There are 2 ways we recommend creating these types of signs:

For temporary signs, we print directly onto poster board. For our permanent signs, we use sign board or pvc. We also make custom hooks so your sign will fit on the correct sized barn door. Once the permanent sign has been made, we print your horse’s information onto a material called static cling, which sticks onto the sign. This way, one may keep their permanent signs, and only have to order lightweight static clings for each sale, rather than having to order an entire new set of temporary signs. The static cling also makes each sign look as if it was made individually for each single horse.


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